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Pitch Practice Workshop

This is NOT a theoretical workshop!
This is a practical workshop that touches each startup individually and is tailored to its needs according to his stage. 

5 sessions with top experts from the ecosystem that been there and done that.

The workshop includes:

  • Building a wining Deck: How should my pitch deck be built? What should be the contents?

  • Simplify: How do I get to the point and use my time as good as possible?

  • Presentation goals: What do you want to achieve with your presentation?

  • Practice Storytelling: How can I build tension and inspire with my presentation?

  • Inspire: How do I enthuse people? How can I be more charismatic?

  • Presentation skills: How do my voice, gesture, facial expression work on someone? And how can I improve them substantially?

  • Body language: How can I use the right body language to get in touch with my audience

  • Feedback: constructive feedback about your presentation.

  • Exercise: Exercise in an experimental surrounding

  • Q&A- How to succeed in such a session.

  • Covid 19 Pitch- How to pitch remotely

Who fits the program?

            - Early stage startup from idea stage up to MVP.

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