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Bizportal article in Hebrew: The SPAC Trend Brings The Field of PropTech To Life

איתן גרסטנפלד

May 4, 2021

Dudi Daniel, partner at Bricks Proptech Innovation Center who previously served as the CEO of the real estate company ADO Group, explains that "the field of Proptech has been growing greatly over the past two years. We see quite a few start-ups that receive a price tag of half a billion dollars and some of them are even defined as Unicorn."
"The structure of the SPAC where a group of high-ranking officials in a particular field, in the particular case real estate, raise a lot of money to invest in a technological venture in their field of expertise is very suitable for the field of Proptech," he said. On on hand you have real estate professionals who manage to raise hundreds of millions of dollars, and on the other hand start-ups that are waiting for investors who will be willing to give such a high valuation to a venture in the field of Proptech."

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